July Performance of the Month

July Performance of the Month

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Congratulations to

Adrian O’brien – Doing IM UK with 72 hours notice!  And let’s not forget he was Age Grouper of the Week on IMTalk – here’s his reaction
“Let me set the scene…. 30ish miles in2 a freezing cold wet ride. After listening to a few Endurance Planet. IM talk comes on. Then I think I hear my name…… Due to the strong wind & rain. I stop. Hop of the bike & shelter under a tree. Scroll back to start of Age Grouper of the week. Jo I was laughing out loud & filled with emotions…. I listened and jumped on the bike & rode home with a big smile on face. After I got home and warmed up. I listened again.”

Jason Ripkey – 2 IM’s in one month!


Noelle De Guzman – Crashing in Roth and still finishing (1st IM Distance)
Noelle Roth
Well done and legendary effort by all 3 of you who have really raised the bar!

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