Challenge Family hints at a World Championship?

Challenge Family hints at a World Championship?

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Challenge Family Infographic

This is the reason you should never skip over monthly email newsletters, especially those from a fast-growing brand such as Challenge Family. In today’s email update sent out to those who have participated in a Challenge race in the past, they sent a nifty little infographic. The description seems innocuous enough: “All the information you wanted to know about Challenge Family in one easy-reference infogram. We produced this to help the pro athletes but thought you all may be interested too. It provides a summary of the important facts and figures about Challenge Family races on a global scale. We may not be the biggest, but the best presents come in small parcels!”

But aside from the promise of bigger prize money and more races in 2015, the best present comes in a plain text box in this infographic. “CHALLENGE SERIES FINAL COMING. The authentic triathlon brand since 1988 #allabouttheathlete,” it says.

The infographic is a tantalizing hint and we are on tenterhooks waiting for Challenge Family to reveal┬ámore. Could this be the world championship that Macca has been talking about in previous podcasts? Where could it possibly be held, and who would be eligible to enter? More importantly — would you as an athlete be interested in going to a Challenge World Championship?