You’re a Goldmine Sergio Borges!

You’re a Goldmine Sergio Borges!

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Ian Graham has been training under the guidance of coach Sergio Borges and had some fantastic feedback to share:

“In hindsight I have been training like a 20 year old (when i am about to turn 41) and this has made me frequently sick (ie cold/flu’s due to poor immune system) and my performances spasmodic (ie poor performances when i thought i had peaked perfectly for a race and great performances when i wasnt expecting much).
I have been using Sergio for about 10 weeks and i cant stress how much of a reset i needed to make regarding my approach to training. My enjoyment of training has lifted considerably and i now have a “healthy fatigue” feeling rather than a “toxic/stressed” fatigue at the end of my week.
Im already excited about the possibilities for the season ahead with a 19 minute PB (4hr 35m) at my first 70.3 the other weekend. Your a gold mine of information Sergio and its great be working with you!
Cheers, Ian”

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