homeandlife3Clint Morrison was at the first Phuket Camp in 2013 and came back to Thanyapura early this year for some training. As he made preparations for the 2014 Phuket Camp, he sent out a call for donations in kind for the Home & Life Orphanage Foundation.

“I’ve got some capacity in my luggage which I’m going to fill with teddys/fluffy toys to take to the children at the orphanage that has a bakery that the Thanyapura Tri Team ride to on Sundays. Just putting it out there if anyone else has capacity they need towels and are more than happy to accept toys for the kids.”

The Home & Life Bakery is a coffee stop on Thanyapura Triathlon Academy’s Sunday long rides. Sales at the bakery go toward supporting the orphanage, and cyclists are more than happy to pick up a cold drink or a muffin before heading out again.

Clint just took it a step further. He also managed to collect from within his own social circle (they ended up having so much stuff donated that there may be a second batch soon).

The camp participants pitched in and made the drive to Phang Nga bearing gifts. While most of the children were at school, Home & Life’s staff and some younger children were present to receive them.


This little girl received a pair of shoes <3
This little girl received a pair of shoes <3
Thank You card from the children
Thank You card from the children

Thanks to Clint for spearheading this drive. MaccaX is proud of you all!


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