Henning qualifies for Worlds!

Henning qualifies for Worlds!

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Long time member Henning von Poser (Poserlicious) raced in Rügen at the weekend and qualified for the 70.3 Worlds in Australia 2016! He shares his race report below.


My race report: IM 70.3 Rügen
Result: IM 70.3 World Championship qualification
Overall rank: 68
AG rank: 5 (AG 45-49, I will be 49 in November) so next year AG 50-55 wink emoticon
Overall time: 4:42:22
Swim: 38:36
Bike: 2:20:24
Run: 1:36:36

11259975_1022999257764356_8048274827398029299_nSwim: Well it was raining in the morning and very windy so the sea was rough. But I told myself: “Damn it” it is for everybody the same so just go for it. Of course sighting was not easy with high waves. Normally I swim 30-32 min. for 1.9k but in those conditions it took me about 36 min. when I reached the beach again, however the time mat was on the way to transition so my official time was 38:36 min. My thoughts were “swim was fine in those conditions”, I felt well, loved the adventure und thought all the time during the swim of the tips I received from Brenton Ford and Rebekah Bruhwiller etc. thanks again! So tried to run the very long way to transition fast, so nobody passed me pushing up the pulse but hey it was race day not pussy day.

Quickly taking off the neopren, grabing my socks and all other stuff and off to the bike, already thinking “now it is judgement day and full gas”

12038035_1022999261097689_8428788665664063779_nBike: Felt excellent right from the beginning, good legs, temperatures of around 18 degrees, which I love and quickly found my rhythm. So passing people all the time, only the leading Pros and relay guys catched me on the course which was a 2x45k loop with a lot of wind and about 420m elevation gain. Pushing @ about 90-95% and ended up with a 2:20. Was happy with it, i.e. 2nd best bike split in my AG and 34th overall bike split. But of course I felt my legs at the end and thought well let us see what is left in the tank for the run.

Quick transition off I went to the 2.5x run loop with a 4x times hill of 300m with 11% gradient but felt well and knew that I should end up Top 10 in my AG. Last 7k were tough but I thought of all advice Chris McCormack always told us: “It’s all in your mind embrace the suck and they suffer all” So ended up with a 1:36:36 which is fine although I was hoping for a sub 1:35 but the hill was too tough.

So great day, great race, great atmosphere and thought of you all. Hopefully I can make it to Mooloolaba next year and meet some of you Aussies in person. Cheers Henning

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