IM Hawaii Desperation – Coach Sergio

IM Hawaii Desperation – Coach Sergio

Ironman Hawaii desperation….

We are only a few weeks until IM World Champs and, like it happens every year, athletes started to get anxious and to “Look For Answers” and that’s a recipe for failure.

This is NOT the time to question yourself!

If you have done enough long rides or runs, if you can get one more long session in but instead to trust on your training and in the process. Training is way more then long rides or runs, it’s about the consistent training load. So if you want to know if you’re ready, think about how consistent hard training you have done. That does not mean volume only, but a combination of all, including recovery…

Think like an MMA fighter getting into the ring. When he steps on the mat,inside the octagon, I’m sure he’s not thinking about how much training he has done, but instead, how not to get beat and to defeat the opponent. It means that there’s nothing you can do about the past and you have to focus on the present, controlling the controllable . And that means giving your 100% ON the day !

Now it’s time to focus on the things you can control :

* Consistent training
* Recovery (massage, rolling, stretching, etc)
* Sleep
* Clean Diet w/ enough nutrients
* Low stress

Also for some ‘inexplicable’ reason, athletes start to think about new equipment selection, different special nutrition or race suit: ALL things that can actually CREATE more stress and uncertainty on the race day (which ruins your confidence.)

Stick to what you TRUST and feel COMFORTABLE! Meaning, no changes on bike equipment or position, new shoes or magic nutrition plan, do what you do EVERYDAY when you train so when you get to race day it will be “Just like another training day.”

Don’t ruin your race before you even start, focus on the now !

See you in Kona


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