Just Do It – 10 Exercises You Can do Anywhere

Just Do It – 10 Exercises You Can do Anywhere

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No shirt or shoes required

by Curtis Kloc

(No weights required, either…)

No long soliloquy – just get this done!

Just do what the “board of death” says: if you do it twice, it should take you 35 minutes. I’m giving you permission to do this anywhere – at lunch, at work, hotel room, etc.

If you kinda want to do it twice but feel intimidated, just make it 10 burpees the second time through.

inchworms25 Inchworms



25 frog jumpsfrogjumps




25 tuck jumps or elbows to kneestuckjumps







25 jump squatsjump squats







25 body saws (pull your feet toward your chest)bodysaws



25 burpeesburpees




25 right side plank tap downplanktapdown







25 floor jacks (jumping jack motion while laying down)floorjacks





25 left side plank tap downplank left







25/side lateral tap downs (tap each leg to ground, jumping motion if you’re feeling strong)lat tap down


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