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Congratulations to

Adrian O’brien – Doing IM UK with 72 hours notice!  And let’s not forget he was Age Grouper of the Week on IMTalk – here’s his reaction
“Let me set the scene…. 30ish miles in2 a freezing cold wet ride. After listening to a few Endurance Planet. IM talk comes on. Then I think I hear my name…… Due to the strong wind & rain. I stop. Hop of the bike & shelter under a tree. Scroll back to start of Age Grouper of the week. Jo I was laughing out loud & filled with emotions…. I listened and jumped on the bike & rode home with a big smile on face. After I got home and warmed up. I listened again.”

Jason Ripkey – 2 IM’s in one month!


Noelle De Guzman – Crashing in Roth and still finishing (1st IM Distance)
Noelle Roth
Well done and legendary effort by all 3 of you who have really raised the bar!

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We’ve got a bunch of Performance of the Month winners to announce. These are MXVIP’s who have put in hard work, shown resilience, and are inspirational to the rest of us. These members get bragging rights, a nifty MaccaX keychain, and now some recognition in our newsletter.

Roy Wallace – Ironman WA (Busso) – started well but coming out of T1 trying to avoid the carnage he somehow got his bike seat rammed up his ass. He struggled through the race in increasing amounts of pain determined to get in under 13 hours. He did 12.55. Later that night he learned he’d broken his tailbone. Wow.

Deanna Waters – Ironman WA (Busso) Deanna got through the swim, she got through the bike, she ran 35km of the 42km only to be told she had missed the cut off by a mere 10mins! Unbroken, this lady continues to inspire.

Linda Hobday – Challenge Melbourne. A fine 6.22 in only her second half distance on a stinking hot day in Melbourne – up in the 30’s. She got it done with that smile of hers!

Natarsha Wendt – Ironman Melbourne. We all lived this journey with Tarsh. Out on the course she smiled and chatted all the way. Even a puncture couldn’t keep her spirits down. She donned a red cape for the finish. Great job.

Skylar Giardina – IM 70.3 Texas. Skylar had a panicky start to her day in a rough swim, but battled through. It was raining hard, her bottles flew off her bike only a few miles in. The run was brutal and she went straight to medical. Her time, 5.30 – well done.

Mike Robinson – IM 70.3 Putrajaya. Robo from our previous newsletter has come so far so soon. His commitment to improving every training session, every race is amazing. And finally in Malaysia in tough conditions he did it. He won his age group. ‘Nuff said.

Pedro Paixao – Ultraman Florida. You may remember we featured Pedro in a previous newsletter. He takes it to the next level altogether! Hard, tough as nails. 3rd in his age group, 13th overall. And now he’s headed to the Ultraman world champs. We bow down to this.

Jeff Nagle – IM South Africa. Jeff doesn’t say much on the group; he’s a quiet achiever. He is however a BEAST on the bike. What can I say, he came in 10th in his age group with a time of 10.47. Awesome. Jeff says of his triathlon journey, “Cannot do anything by half so I joined local club to learn all I could. Members were training for Half Ironman at time so I entered and some new friends had just done Lanza so entered that as well. Especially when the club nobs told me I couldn’t do it.” Read more about Jeff in our new Member Spotlight.


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