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Happy New Year to everyone.

Still not many races happening but the team find them if they are.

At the HITS, Naples, Florida there was a good representation racing. A nearby tropical storm blew up choppy conditions and a brutal bike.
Deirdre Robbins came fourth in her age group in the half distance – great job!
Deirdre Robbins HITS








Husband and wife team Susan and Rick DeKeyser both competed in the Olympic distance with Rick coming in 8th position with a 2.45 and getting chicked by his missus in a 2.44 to give her a podium for third!

Kurt Taylor had to pull the plug with an injured knee but his wife Melissa Taylor got the job done. Well done and heal fast Kurt.

Down Under on the other side of the globe Craig Thwaites did the famed Lorne Pier to Pub swim – top 100 in his age group with over 5000 in this event is not too shabby! Our very own swim coach Brenton Ford came 6th overall and 5th in his category.

In New Zealand it was the Port of Tauranga Half distance which saw team members Mike Robinson and Pawel Chalacis battle it out.
mike and pawel

Mike Robinson made the most of his run but it took him the full 21km to catch Pawel who you can see in the very left hand corner of the pic!

Times – 4.57 with seconds separating them!  Mike actually got 12th in his age group and Pawel got 10th. Great job boys.

Back stateside it was the Disney Marathon with Anne Zimmerman Reed and hubby Mike taking part. Results to follow!

Great racing everyone.


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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a race roundup but we are BACK!

A big weekend of racing down under with 7 of our team mates racing at IM70.3 Taupo.

Taupo training run with Aaron Hewitt, Mike Robinson, Tim Ford and Mathieson Jenkin

It was great to see Mike Robinson back in the sport after a few months off. He had a great race finishing sub 5 which was his goal.

“Over the last 6 months I have planned to sell all my triathlon gear after Tauranga however, after a weekend with some of my best friends, hanging with mates and making new ones I feel like I have fallen back in love with the sport. Now to find the right balance between all of my passions to be semi competitive. Thanks to everyone who made this weekend great!”


In form Tim Ford was back on the podium with a 3rd, finishing in 4.34

“My 15th 70.3 is done and my 3rd race in 4 weeks. Very surprised to hit the podium again. This has been an amazing period of racing for me. It was epic to share the course with some great mates.”




Ian Graham snagged a Sunny Coast Worlds slot with his 6th place finish in 4.35. Ian is coached by Sergio Borges.

Our other competitors all did well, Aaron Hewitt a 4.51, Pawel Chalacis 5.04, Mathieson Jenkin 5.42 and Saleh Bin Talib 7.18.
The boys celebrated well of course!

Todd Martin attended our Gold Coast Camp earlier in the year and got 2nd in his age group with a 4.36!

Brian Upton raced IM70.3 Ballarat hoping for a Sunny Coast Worlds slot. He finished in 5.30 which got him 5th place. Will update as soon as we know if that was enough!



Braving the recently sighted sharks Jeremy Fleming and Chris Stevens were out in force in there MaccaX gear at the weekend at the Kurnell Sprint Series. Chris was disappointed with his run…

“If your looking for me this summer I’ll be at the running track. Once again my run letting me down. I’ve worked hard dropping from 5:10min/km down to 4:30 but unless I go sub
4m/km I’m behind.
Missed out on second place today by 60sec had to be content with 8th”


Competition is heating up with our Global Strava Challenge. This runs until December 15th with a new challenge beginning in the New Year. Remember to register on Strava for your workouts to count towards your team.

MaccaX will pay the race entry into any triathlon your choose for 2016. We will customize a training plan for you to crush this race AND you’ll get a 30 min Skype call with Chris McCormack so he can hear your plans, give you advice and hold you accountable!

You will need to log a minimum of 4 sessions into your Strava account to qualify. Speed and distance doesn’t matter, we just want to see that you’ve done at-least 4 sessions and logged these into your account + club.




And finally Swiss Miss Caroline Steffen was delighted to receive a card and pic from her number one fan Adrian O’Brien.





Photo 1 courtesy of @ScottNorrish


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Team MaccaX were represented in numbers at the world’s greatest triathlon, Challenge Roth. Mathias Amon did a great job co-ordinating everyone! The results of those racing were inspiring from Kenneth Heney with a 10.03 including a puncture to a couple of DNFs.  Included below, some race reports, quotes as well as the race times from the team, and of course the pictures!

Tomas Arendas – 11.38
Tomas Arenas Roth Bike



“Challenge Roth 2015 – my first full distance. Everything went well until the run where I struggled with my stomach. But overall result as planned so satisfied! Big thanks to everyone who supported on the course as it helped me to get through.”

Our Iron Couple Kenneth Heney and Vicky Arscott certainly had different experiences on the day.  Kenneth had a puncture but still finished in 10.03, Vicky didn’t fare so well “An unfriendly German shove and it was game over. Reached 160km on the bike but had to pull out since I could no longer pedal the bike. Very disappointed because the race itself is really great. Thanks for all your support and concern”

Ian Graham 10.22
Ian Graham Roth WheelWell what a day…everything that could go wrong on the bike pretty much did go wrong! Worst of which was a big tear in my tube which couldnt be fixed with pitstop etc. so hosited the bike on my shoulder and ran till I could find a mechanic…only solution was duck tape around the rim/tube, more pitstop and about 20 psi so I could wobble the 7km down the road to switch out wheels. Decided to stop “racing” at that point and just soak up the atmosphere of the biggest triathlon crowd in the world. Stopped in t2 for a feed, actually used toilets, walked the aid stations, smiled and waved – had a ball – couldn’t be happier

Craig Toh 13.24
Craig Toh Roth BikeAnother full IM distance race in the bank.. Was a bummer to get GI issues and not do as well as I hoped to do and after training so hard.. gave up ‘racing’ during the marathon and just soaked up the atmosphere. The crowd and volunteers were phenomenal and they are the real heroes of the race standing in the hot sun and cheering us on. Happy to make new friends before and during the race as well as finally meeting up some members of Team MaccaX. This is why I love this sport


Tim Recher
“Not my day. Ended after the swim and 60some miles on the bike. Had 2 flats and the seat post clamp failed so I couldn’t really sit for about twenty miles. Messed up my hip some. But even without the bike mechanical issues it would have been a rough time to finish in time. I just didn’t have the training for those hills. Had my best swim time time ever though so I was hoping for a good day. It was an incredible experience though. I’ll be back in a few years to finish this one! Thank you for the support and encouragement. It means a lot to me. And the opportunity, Roth is everything the say it is…and the Solar Hill crowd is unbelievable. If you ever thought about long distance, Roth should be on your list! I’ll do a more detailed report later when things quiet down some. My family and I actually had a pretty bad event last week that for personal reasons I won’t go in to, so much that I almost canceled this trip but focus on Roth and getting away from home was just what we needed. So thank you for that too.”

Craig Willows-Keetley – 14.57, Cory Spooner 14.37, Stuart Gray 14.32
Cory Spooner, CWK and Stuart Gray RothCraig’s race report:
Swim -1:36.05
4.2km…whoops, i think i need to learn to swim in straight lines
T1 i took my time to get some food, the volunteers came and put sunscreen on me, but the missed most of my arms and legs

Bike – 6:57.02
For the first 6 hours of the bike i was dealing with some pretty bad abdominal cramping, consequently i couldn’t get in any of my nutrition, this combined with the heat and strong winds that didn’t seem to let up until about the 150km mark had me considering pulling the pin from about 100km into the bike. Had to walk a couple of the aid stations, which i have never had to do before.
T2 – again took my time made sure to get the sunscreen applied really well this time, got some food in.

Run – 6:09.50
Had nothing left for the run after the bike,i saw Lucy WK at the start of the run and said to her “never again”, found a couple of MaccaX team mates and we walked for most of the first 20km, then we decided from there we would walk 1km run 1km to the end, stopping at every aid station to use the portaloo.

Well outside of my goal time, got there in the end and glad i didn’t pull the pin, a lot of lessons from the race, and a sore body today.

“Thanks for all those that were following me and supporting me from all over the globe and thanks to Cory and Stuart for helping me get across the line when things were getting tough”

Triman Jack
“And ‪Triman Jack 1st dnf. Collaspsed at t2 spend 50 minutes in medical then thought I’ll give the run a crack. Passed out at 31kms and got evacuated. 3 bags later I’m good. I left it all out there but shattered I didn’t finish. Oh well you win some you lose some. Congrats to all above who finished. Tough day”

Andrei Zintchenko – 12.03
Andrei Roth Bike

“I was really proud too – to be a part of the team. And I was really happy to meet some MaccaX team members in real life. last few days i’ll never forget! Thank you all! “






Monica Haydock 10.58

Here’s an excerpt from Monica’s race report – you can read the full report here.

The swim went quite well. I didn’t get kicked in the face or swum over. At one stage I clashed arms with someone in a green swim cap from the previous wave. “Wait a minute, weren’t there only pros in front of me? How well am i swimming?! Oh no, also the 65 year old men…” Then I felt like a real bully. I wished the guy a great race and said sorry in my head, and swam past.
I finished up in 1:18. Still, it was sub-1hr20 and I was very happy. I raced up into the change tent and was slightly overwhelmed by how busy and loud  it was. But I changed quickly and headed out to pick up my bike.

Onto the bike and I was greeted by HUGE cheers. Then I realized they were for a man just in front of me, cycling his disabled son, not me. I wished them a great race and took off……Anyone who has cycled hills with me knows I am not a great descender, with my hands constantly on the brakes. But in a race, I overcome my fears and I flew down the hill to bring my time back up. Unfortunately around the 60km mark my stomach started cramping up. I’m not sure what caused it, but it felt like hands were wringing out my stomach. Not good, but hey, I still had four hours to cycle, so I figured it would calm down. I stayed off the nutrition as long as I felt was possible, hoping sticking to water would help the stomach. It didn’t.
Monica Roth BikeAs I started my second loop though, I did feel a second wind and took advantage. I was about three minutes off pace, but over 90 km that was not bad.
The wind had really picked up though, so now the continued ascent was tougher – and for most of the rest of the course we faced a headwind. I watched the time carefully, but was still off the pace. The chances of me going under 6 hours were disappearing … would 11 hours still be possible?

Monica Solar Hill Roth bikeSolar Hill. It’s every competitor’s opportunity to feel like they’re in the Tour de France. A relatively short, but steep stretch of hill rises before you, with pedestrians lining the sides, almost touching, only to part as the triathletes come through. They are cheering so much it is deafening. The first round, I tried not to get too caught up, as I know too many stories of people getting too excited and going too hard, only to regret it later. The second time, I really reveled in the moment, a huge smile splitting my face as spectators cheered me on. The emotion hit me – what a fantastic opportunity I had to race this course! Over the hill and to the home stretch. I was relieved when the transition was finally in view and it suddenly it was over … In 6 hours 7 minutes. I stumbled off the bike.

Onto the run course, my legs were wobbly, but not too bad. I looked down at my watch and saw I was doing my half distance pace, about 45 seconds a kilometer too fast. “Slow down!” I instructed myself. “You feel good, but it’s not the plan.” My stomach was still in agony, but I hoped the change of position from bent down on the bike to upright on the run would help. Nope. My thought of taking on my gel had my stomach heaving in addition to the cramps.
A couple of friends from the Macca X community saw me and cheered me on, which helped me ignore the pain for about … twenty seconds.
After about 10km, my cramps still hadn’t subsided, but I was keenly aware of the fact that you can’t run a marathon on no nutrition – especially after 180km on the bike. So at the next aid station, I grabbed a coke.
Monica Roth RunI was really hitting my stride now, a few seconds per kilometer faster than my goal pace, allowing me to slow to a walk every time I hit an aid station and take in water, one of my salt & electrolyte tablets, and cola.As I approached 30km, I allowed myself to look at my watch and start some calculations. It would be really tight to come in under 11 hours … Did I feel good? Then now was the time to hit the gas.
From kilometer 36 I really started a charge… Winding up the speed to finish as fast as possible. 1km splits: 4:44 … 4:32 … 4:40 … 4:36… 4:35 and 4:56 as I slowed down to high five my excited fiance, and smile and wave to the crowd in appreciation for all the support as I was cheered in across the line … In a time of 10:56:28, buoyed by a marathon time of 3:25.  I’m absolutely delighted with the result!

And finally the rest of the results, Volker Stahl 12.04, Anthony Holdsworth 11.41 and Daniela Trinca 12.13

Huge well done to all!



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Monica Haydock IM 70.3 Mallorca
Monica Haydock IM 70.3 Mallorca

I’m going to the 70.3 world champs! Never thought this would happen… Thanks to everyone on Team Macca X for the daily motivation and ability to ask all my stupid questions. And Sergio Borges – I have to adapt your training plan a lot to fit in with my life, but the 1m bike strength work was key to knocking 13 mins off my bike time here in Mallorca!

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It was a big weekend of racing for the team from sprints through to Ultraman.

chris stevens
Chris Stevens
Paul Beaumont
Paul Beaumont

Let’s start with Huskisson Triathlon where Jane Duffy competed in the sprint on Saturday and Luke Woods, Chris Stevens, Jeremy Fleming, Paul Beaumont and Mark McGuinness all showed up for the long course on Sunday.




Team member Tim Pickering is a regular at this race but is currently suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  He was in everyone’s thoughts at this race.

Unfortunately Luke Woods having just recovered from a broken leg, had back issues and had to pull out of the race on the bike leg – here’s hoping he will back stronger at Challenge Batemans Bay.  The other team members all finished – well done to all!

Jeremy Fleming – 5.23
Paul Beaumont – 5.52
Mark McGuinness – 5.59
Chris Stevens – 5.03

Ian Graham
Ian second from left

Ian Graham was the only team member in action at Challenge Wanaka under his coach Sergio Borges. Ian managed to finish 4th in his AG with a 10.36
“… was a big PB but broke me emotionally….started the run in bad head space and was down for the count 1st lap run but never gave up and -ive splited (I think…havent done maths) 2nd lap. Temp hit 31 deg. Was crook as a dog last night but feeling great now!”


NoelleNoelle de Guzmann was back racing at Challenge Philippines in her home country and got a 6min PB on a notoriously difficult and challenging course.  She also went up a place on the podium finishing second in her age group.  Great job!   The Boss, Macca, also raced as part of a relay team where he did the swim and bike legs.  His team came second.

Team Pros Michael Murphy and Eric Watson both raced at Philippines – well done guys it was a strong field for sure with Murph coming in 5th with a 4.33.

capsizeRoy Wallace was part of a duo in the Rottnest Channel swim in Western Australia.  The 19km crossing turned into 25km with strong winds and a fierce chop.  The race wasn’t without incident with a capsized support vessel, a shark siting and some emergency health issues for some racers.  Great job on getting this done – that’s one crazy swim!





And finally – Randy Latza a huge congratulations to Randy and his crew for his finish at Ultraman Florida.  He got it done and I watched avidly to a message feed from his crew and must confess I cried.  A separate post is coming with full details of his three day race.  Congrats man, that was EPIC!

Randy and Simon


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Edgar Cid
Just wanted to share with the team this great result. I went to the Long Distance Iberoamerican Triathlon Championship in La Habana Cuba and I was First in my age group.

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Team MaccaX was out in force at IM Busselton at the weekend.  With many pros not finishing it was clear it wasn’t going to be an easy day.

Daniel Hopper medalShane Bamford
“Absolute hell day for me on course at Busso. Things were going along nicely till 114 on the bike. Then the world imploded. Toughed it out and had my two boys waiting for high 5’s at the finish chute. Worth all the pain I’m in right now. A long day. 16:03. It’s a PB but was hoping for much better.”

Daniel Hopper – first IM finished

“Ironman WA is done and dusted. Firstly a 1:12 swim??? How the hell did I manage that? Secondly my overall race time may not have been what I was hoping for but for the first time I don’t care about it. The thing I care about is that I played the cards I got dealt the best that I could have, something that I have never really done before. Not once out on course did not finishing cross my mind.”

Fernando swimFernando Munoz Bernal – on debut coached by Ben Hammond
“My first ironman is in the bag.
16:15 is not what expected but after toughing up some strong wind and getting off the bike at 6:54 my legs were done. Bad cramps and blisters forced me to walk after only a few kms.
I lost battery on my GARMIN so was doing the run blind.
At the 32k marker I asked what time it was and realized walking was not gonna cut it so I literally EMBRACED THE SUCK and ran about 6km which ensured I’d have sufficient time to walk to the finish line.
The time markers stopped working at some point and neither nor ironman mobile kept track of my time past 27km.
Fernando recovery
Loved the swim and followed Chris McCormack advice to start at the front and to the side so as to let better swimmers avoid me.
Had a great swim coming in at 1:13 which is PB (if you divide by two which is the distanced I’d swam before).
Overall, lessons learned.
Gotta work much more on my biking power and bricks.
A big thanks to Ben Ben Hammond for the coaching and particularly the swim training.
And to those who were following me, thanks for your support.”

Triman Jack – Third IM this year!
“Kaboom. I absolutely exploaded on the run. I set my race up well for a Sub 10 but was just not fit enough today. I got exactly what I deserved today.  After 3 ironmans this year I need a good rest. I’m going to get a beer now. Thanks for everyone’s support”

Aaron Hewitt
“Not the day I hoped for but the day I deserved. Very humbling day.”

Other team members who finished the race were Julie-Ann Dillon who came tenth in her age group, Terry Martin and Roy Wallace.


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“So while everyone was out smashing IMWA I did a local race 2/60/15 at Callala Bay. Great day out beautiful place and weather. Ended up with 3rd in my age group first ever triathlon podium!!!!”

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The weekend saw some great running performances by MaccaX team members including a 25km, a marathon and an ultra!

Noelle de Guzman did a 17min PB on her 25km run, coming in sixth woman overall.  Excellent work!

Noelle Run

“It was really nice to test myself in an open run yesterday after a year of mostly triathlons. Running is my background and is still my strength, but the last time I did a PR effort was back in February.
The last time I did this 25km race was in 2012 while nursing an ankle injury so since I’m healthy now I was definitely going to get a PB no matter what. What I didn’t expect was how close to the top I would end up (6th overall female) despite a lack of specific training for the race. It was all pretty much mind games, staying focused, and not letting self-doubt get the better of me. It was the most mindful race I’ve done.”


Two team members did a marathon, Stephen Burrowes ran his first in Port Douglas, QLD and Tomas Arendas also ran his first in Athens, Greece, where it all began.


“Athens Classic Marathon: DONE. Was my first marathon, so did not push and tried to enjoy from start to finish – which went quite well. Challenging course with a 12km uphill from half-marathon mark, and satisfied with my time of 3:35. But guess will stick to triathlon”


clinton 80km
Clinton 80km

And finally superstar Clinton Millar ran his first 100km.CLINTON GO
“8th male overall. 13hrs 24 mins 100kms.  The moment you step outside of your comfort zone, awesome things happen. Thanks everyone for your messages of support. Living healthy beats the hell out of sitting on the couch,so get out there”


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Thought I'd give this race report thing a crack after doing challange Batemans As with all triathlon mornings my alarm went off at a ridiculously...