Macca Now – Fundraising

Macca Now – Fundraising

macca-NowWe have joined forces with the Macca Now Foundation and will be donating funds to families that are currently fighting breast cancer. We will prioritize those cases of our own Team Members and their immediate family or loved ones.

Every other Month Chris will announce on his Podcast the family we will be helping for that month, we will be giving back $5 from every member on the Team which is currently at the time of writing this 450 people = $2,250. This will happen every other month.

Our goal is to hit 1,000 members by the end of 2013 so we’re donating $5,000 each time then in 2014 do this each and every month.

Breast Cancer Support

Recipient of our first Team donation of $2,250 to help with Tanya’s fight against Cancer. Hang in there and Embrace The Suck and kick cancer’s ass!

Team MaccaX Haiyan Relief Mission

Over 2000 Families fed and helped by our Team directly ….

Cancer Support, Team Member

Over $3000 made from Embrace the Suck T-Shirts to support Milhouse through chemotherapy to kicking cancer’s ass like a Boss!


Thailand Child Sponsorship

Team MaccaX sponsors a very underprivileged little girl in Thailand and puts her into an all-inclusive boarding school to help get her food and an education so she can have a fair shot at life ….

Please turn captions on to see the English translation

Her school is here … Yaowawit School