Stage 1 of the ITGP Koblenz Germany race in 1997. This is pretty rare footage and happy to have saved it. Stoked to have found one of the stages of what was a great event. Sad that the evolution of Triathlon never continued on this path. Super League Triathlon will push to bring back these entertaining and media friendly formats that highlight individual athletic talent to a wider audience and speak to a bigger group than just those who do our sport. Cant believe this was 21 years ago. None of this gang left racing 👍👍 ... See MoreSee Less

#IamSuperleague headquarters in Singapore 🇸🇬 love the energy ... See MoreSee Less

I was able to get this up on my Instagram account ( @maccanow ) but it cut short right before the great won her second world title! For all those who asked, here is the clip as it was cut from the 1997 World Triathlon World Championships in Perth Australia 🇦🇺The beginning of the first ever triathlon Olympic cycle. Cheers ... See MoreSee Less